New collections!

1927 Apple Week Publicity Scrapbook (added 2/7/2012)

A single volume scrapbook documenting the 1927 National Apple Week activities in the Yakima Valley region. The scrapbook includes clippings, telegrams, correspondence, and numerous photographs and illustrations.

Cull A. White Photograph Collection (added 8/1/2011)

Cull A. White collected photographs of the history of the peoples of north-central Washington. His 260 images focus on the lives of Native Americans and the lives of pioneer settlers.

Robert Cushman Butler Collection of Theatrical Illustrations (Added 5/19/2011)

Robert Cushman Butler collected ephemeral theatrical illustrations (primarily engravings and lithographs) relating to popular British and American theatre and music. Over 1000 images from his materials are included here.

Nez Perce Photograph Collection (Added 4/25/2011)

73 images of Nez Perce individuals and groups, most in studio settings, ca. 1877-1905. The images comprise several unrelated sets of pictures, all purchased at auction in 1989.