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Civil Rights Oral History Interviews

In February of 2001, the Spokesman-Review produced a month long series of articles on black history titled "Through Spokane's Eyes Moments in Black History," focusing in particular on the civil rights movement of the 1960s. As part of that series, Rebecca Nappi conducted a series of interviews with individuals with ties to both the civil rights movement and to Spokane.

WSU Libraries' Films (Added 3/1/2010)

The Washington State University has produced numerous formal and informal films, a portion of which, dating from 1916 to present, have been digitized here, documenting life on campus, in the Pullman and the Palouse area, and in the greater Pacific Northwest. Additional films can be found at the WSU Libraries' YouTube site.

The Frank A. Banks Collection

Frank Arthur Banks was a Bureau of Reclamation engineer who supervised the construction of the Owyhee, Grand Coulee and other dams. This collection consists of project histories, ephemeral engineering publications, printed items of restricted circulation, and Banks' correspondence, notes and papers.

Black Oral History Interviews

The Black Oral History Collection consists of interviews conducted by Quintard Taylor and his associates, Charles Ramsay and John Dawkins. They interviewed African American pioneers and their descendents.

Catherine May Bedell Congressional Papers

The papers of Catherine May Bedell, United States Representative from the Fourth Congressional District of Washington, 1959-1970.

Clyde Edward Pangborn Collection

Clyde Edward Pangborn was one of the great barnstormers of the early 20th century. After an ill-fated "automobile-to-airplane" transfer attempt at Coronado Beach, California in 1920, Pangborn partnered with Ivan R. Gates to form the Gates Flying Circus in 1921.

Robert Cushman Butler Collection of Theatrical Illustrations

Robert Cushman Butler collected ephemeral theatrical illustrations (primarily engravings and lithographs) relating to popular British and American theatre and music. Over 1000 images from his materials are included here.

Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Project

This collaborative project seeks to create a database with thematic coherence that will engage online researchers in thinking more deeply about the significance of the rich primary resources available in museums, libraries, and historical societies.

Kimball Northwest History Database

This database includes newspaper clippings selected from the Northwest Clippings Collection. The newspaper articles were collected and organized in the late 1930's by dedicated historians working for the Works Progress Administration to document life in the Pacific Northwest from 1900-1938. Subjects included: the Bonneville and Grand Coulee Dams, mining, Native American life, state and local government, the influential work of the CCC and the WPA as well as other important issues in the first half of the twentieth century.

Northwest Illustrations Collection

This collection consists of 53 selected illustrations taken from the rare book, History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington, Embracing an Account of the Original Discoveries on the Pacific Coast of North America.

Washington State Women's History Selections

A collection of documents from Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections with special relevance to the history of women in Washington State.

Western Waters Digital Library

The Grand Coulee Dam in central Washington State, the largest concrete structure in the United States, was a result of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project which aimed to bring into use half a million acres of arid, unproductive land of mid-Washington. The huge potential of the dam on a major Northwest river, the Columbia, was also realized in its capacity for hydroelectric power and flood control.

WSU Oral History Project

In April 2004 the Golden Grad Class of 1954 commemorated their graduation from Washington State University (then Washington State College) by establishing a fund to create the WSU Oral History Project (OHP).

Individual Items

Campus Courtesy

A booklet on manners "compiled by the house council of 1929-30 because it felt a need on our campus for the knowledge therein contained."--Cf tp Includes sections on chaperons, table manners entertainment, dress, and campus courtesy.

Coeur D'Alene: Towns, Mines, Mountains and Lakes

12 p. of photographs printed on a sheet folded in accordion format

Commencement Day Exercises

Program lists candidates for degrees on page four including the first student to earn an official graduate with a degree of Master of Science, William Hurford Lawrence.

Graduate School Announcement 1922-1923

Graduate work at the State College of Washington was first announced in 1896. No specific courses were designated, but students interested in advanced work were invited to make application to the President.

Pullman Primer, 1911

"Issued under the co-operative community plan of Oregon- Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. ... Planned and executed by Sunset Magazine Homeseekers' Bureau. Portland, Oregon"

Pullman Washington, Center of the Famous Palouse Country, 1890

A 17 cm. booster keepsake card with text extolling Pullman and the region. The image is a somewhat fanciful illustration of Downtown Pullman as it looked before the fire of 1890, which destroyed most of the businesses.

Pullman Washington in the heart of the worlds richest wheat belt: home of the State College of Washington, 1925

1 sheet : ill. ; 16 X 48 unfolded. Contains panoramic views of "Residential District of Pullman, Washington" and "Business section of Pullman, Washington"

The Daily Evergreen Commencement number 1902

In 1902, William H. Lawrence earned the first Master's degree at WAC.--Cf. p. 8 Published every Wednesday during the College year by the students of the State Agricultural College and School of Science.

This is WSC [Video]

A twenty-two minute promotional movie for Washington State College narrated by Edward R. Murrow in 1952.

To the Republicans of Washington Territory

1 sheet [2 p.] ; 18 x 43 cm. Signed in type by more than 100 persons, including A.A. Danny, John J. McGilvra, H.L. Yesler, Ezra Meeker, G.W. Kimball and C.D. Boren.

US Constitution

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.